The Man With Night Sweats

Thom Gunn The Man with Night Sweats Faber and Faber, 1992 Reviewed by Colin Bancroft I first came across the poetry of Thom Gunn in an anthology of ‘Movement’ poetry called ‘New Lines’ edited by Robert Conquest (Macmillan, 1957). If I am honest , I didn’t pay much attention to Gunn in this volume, preferring… Continue reading The Man With Night Sweats

Bird of Winter

Bird of Winter by Alice Hiller Published by Pavilion Poetry Review by Pauline Rowe Alice Hiller’s debut poetry collection bird of winter (Liverpool University Press, 2021) is an act of witness,  exceptional in its exploration of form, sources and landscape, and deeply humane in purpose. Hiller says of the colours chosen for the book’s cover:… Continue reading Bird of Winter


FeverfewAnna SaundersIndigo Dreams Reviewed by Colin Bancroft ‘Feverfew’ is full of characters that transcend the myths on which they are based, drawing out explorations that offer cutting insights into the ills of our contemporary society. ‘Time after Time the Same Bird is Born from the Flame’ subtly juxtaposes the mesmeric imagery of a risen-again phoenix… Continue reading Feverfew

Fanny B Mine

By Nikki Dudley Published: Beir Bua Press 2021 Review by Anne Daly Fanny B. Mine is a rollicking read. It is a thrilling visual and poetic feast that takes the John Keats/Fanny Brawne love story and gives it a refreshing 21st century shake-up. The heaving corsets and frilly shirts of high romanticism are replaced by… Continue reading Fanny B Mine

Springing from the Pews

Day Mattar (Broken Sleep Books, 2021) Reviewed by Kitty Donnelly The first thing that strikes me about Day Mattar’s first pamphlet is that there are no indications in the work itself that it’s actually a ‘first pamphlet’. By this I mean there is nothing hesitant or tentative about Springing from the Pews. It is a… Continue reading Springing from the Pews

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